Ethical AI vs. Responsible AI

There’s a lot of talk about ethical AI, or ethics in artificial intelligence, but what exactly does that mean? And is it different from responsible AI?

Data Preparation 101

Data preparation is a critical step in ensuring data is clean, usable, and properly interpreted for use in machine learning.

Why Sigma: Quality

Accuracy isn’t the only metric in AI training data quality. Sigma.AI sources and annotates data based on five quality factors to train smarter AI.

Why Sigma: Human-Centric AI

What makes AI more ethical and more human? Purpose and impact matter — but so does training data. Learn about Sigma.AI’s methods to reduce bias in AI.

Why Sigma: Speed and Scalability

Is it possible to deliver highest quality AI training data at scale? At Sigma.AI, we deliver best quality data annotation, fast — find out how.

Why Sigma: Service and Experience

Every client has unique AI training data needs. Sigma tailors our services to customer requirements, customizing annotation teams, processes and technology.