Case studies

Discover our customer-first approach to our clients’ unique, challenging, and large-scale data sourcing and annotation projects.

When iterating on a running search algorithm, engineers turned to Sigma’s flexible annotation teams to evaluate queries and respond to changes on the fly.
How do you coordinate 1000+ conversations between unique pairs of specific dialect speakers in just 2 months? With automation & the right pool of linguists.
A robotics client struggled to get high-quality image data labeled within a 1-pixel tolerance. Sigma.AI’s human-in-the-loop, tech-assisted teams delivered.
A client in consumer hardware needed highly sensitive user data annotated. Sigma.AI designed, implemented & operated secure facilities for 400+ annotators.
A major technology services client needs 2000 hours of video in 24 languages transcribed by humans — and wants to launch all 24 teams at once.