Frequently asked

About Sigma

Sigma was founded by Daniel Tapias and Nuria Gomez Bermejo in 2008 in Madrid, Spain.

Our European headquarters is in Madrid, Spain at Avenida de Burgos, 114; First Floor Madrid, Spain 28050.
We also have a London office at 26-28 Hammersmith Grove, Seventh Floor, London, W6 7BA.
Our North American headquarters is at 1101 Brickell Ave.; Suite # N-1400; Miami, FL-33131.

Products and services

Sigma.AI is a global training data collection, preparation, and annotation services company. We solve one of the biggest problems in AI; high quality, accurate training data at scale.

Sigma supports audio, image, video and text annotation.

Sigma supports over 500 languages and dialects. Please contact us with your specific needs. We are continually adding to the languages we serve.

We are flexible in what tools are used for annotation. Our proprietary annotation platform can be configured to your needs or we can use your tool of choice.

We use two pricing models: hourly based and unit based. The model is driven by client preferences and type of data annotation.

The larger the volume of data the lower the cost. There are fixed costs that are common to all projects. If the quantity of data is large, then the impact of the fixed cost is lower and the cost per hour of work or per unit is lower too. If the volume of data is large, the labelers, the QA team, the project managers and other related personnel have time to reach the production peak and to maintain it.

The number of tasks reduces costs because larger quantities of data reduce some fixed costs, allows us to reuse workflows and experience in the type of data, simplifies communication with clients, and allows us to optimize the performance and quality of labelers through different strategies such as balancing their cognitive load.