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Artificial Intelligence is supported by two components: The training data and the machine/deep learning technology. Having the best technology and the highest quality training data is essential to achieve the maximum AI performance.

Sigma is a very unique Data Collection and Annotation company because most members of the senior team have over 30 year experience in artificial intelligence. In particular, in data collection and annotation, artificial intelligence technology and product development, and deployment of artificial intelligence based products and solutions.

This extensive experience allows us to have:

  • A comprehensive and deep understanding of the training data creation process and the need for high quality training data.
  • The capacity to develop the most efficient data annotation tools
  • The AI knowledge and expertise necessary to understand all the data project nuances and to make communication with our client’s Data Operation Managers, Engineers and Linguists smooth and productive.

Our senior team has over 30 years experience in Training Data Annotation. It was in the early 90’s when they developed the first specific user-friendly tools for massive and collaborative data annotation in the world, reducing the annotation time by 85% while keeping accuracies over 98%.

Since the creation of Sigma in 2008, the team has continued to work in improving the data annotation processes and tools to achieve even higher efficiency, data quality and security. In particular, the development of Machine Learning (ML) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) assisted tools together with the unique approach to tools development has helped significantly improve all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).