Ethics & Social Responsibility

In Sigma all is about people: The people we work with and the people we serve. This is why Sigma has a Code of Ethics since its creation in 2008. The Code of Ethics is part of all our contracts with employees, contractors, partners and providers.

The Code of Ethics is directly linked to the values of Sigma and promotes and protects inclusion, equal opportunities, privacy and confidentiality. It also promotes and defends the respect, the empathy and the fair treatment to all.

The well-being of all who work with us is of the utmost importance, so we complement the Code of Ethics with recommendations and best practices to avoid accidents and risks in our daily work, whether this is carried out in our premises, in third-party premises, or remotely.

Thank you to the trust our clients put on us, we can contribute to a better world by creating jobs and paying living wages that help reduce poverty, promote equal opportunities, empower women and, with our work-from-home-model, provide a source of income to individuals who live in rural and remote areas or in low-income and high unemployment rate communities as well as to people with disabilities.

Sigma promotes inclusion and we celebrate our cultural and ethnic diversity. Our workforce comes from 70+ countries and speaks 120+ languages, including minority languages. 72% of our annotators and 94% of our project managers and program managers are women.