Ethics & Social Responsibility

At Sigma, our focus is on people: those we work with and those we serve. Since our founding in 2008, we have upheld a Code of Ethics as a core part of all our contracts with employees, contractors, partners, and providers.

Our Code of Ethics reflects Sigma’s values, promoting inclusion, equal opportunities, privacy, and confidentiality. It emphasizes respect, empathy, and fair treatment for everyone.

We prioritize the well-being of our team. To support this, our Code of Ethics is complemented by guidelines and best practices designed to prevent accidents and manage risks, whether work is conducted on-site, at third-party locations, or remotely.

Thanks to the trust of our clients, we contribute to a better world by creating jobs and paying living wages. This helps reduce poverty, promote equal opportunities, empower women, and provide income for individuals in rural, remote, or low-income communities, as well as for people with disabilities through our work-from-home model.

At Sigma, we celebrate inclusion and our cultural and ethnic diversity. Our team hails from over 70 countries and speaks more than 120 languages, including minority languages. Notably, 72% of our annotators and 94% of our project managers and program managers are women.