Why Sigma?

Speed & Scalability

It is Essential to Enhance Human Capacity with the Appropriate Tools and Machine Learning Technology

Sigma’s selects the right team for each project

We are accustomed to short lead times. You tell us the turnaround time and we’ll make it happen. We have a massive network of vetted data annotators, who can hit any deadline.

A data collection or annotation project requires a planning phase in which all the task details have to be planned and agreed upon by the stakeholders. Things such as the type of data (image, speech, text, video, etc.), the volume of data required, the audio/video recording conditions, the demographic characteristics, geographic coverage, recording devices, annotation guidelines, and many more parameters need to be well understood.
Once this phase ends, scalability and speed are fundamental to have the data available as soon as possible.

Data collection and annotation projects can scale and produce annotated data at the required speed if:

  • The tools support an intense flow of data with no latencies, so many human resources can collect or annotate data in parallel.
  • The tools’ user interface have interaction models that are intuitive and designed to minimize errors and speed up completing tasks.
  • The tools include ML technology that automates or semi-automates all or part of the data collection/annotation process.
  • There is already in place a pool of vetted data collection/annotation specialists that can grow fast, and quickly meet the needs of the project.

Sigma’s annotation platform complies with the above requirements. Sigma also puts in place the right team for each project. This is possible because Sigma has an extensive database of vetted annotators with different specializations such as linguistics, radiology, biology, sports, finance, and engineering. It allows Sigma to scale projects very quickly.