Synthetic Data Services

Improve your existing training data to have balanced datasets or create them from scratch

Use data that is not subject to the privacy regulations

What is Synthetic Data?

Sometimes, real-world data is expensive, time consuming or just difficult to obtain. For example, when the data that needs to be collected corresponds to situations/phenomena that are not frequent and/or happen randomly.

In these cases, synthetic data, which is data generated artificially, is a good alternative to real-world data. Synthetic data has a number of advantages over real-world data:

  • The dataset can be generated totally balanced, so there are no parts of the data that are disproportionately represented or under represented.
  • It does not contain sensitive information, so it is not subject to the privacy regulations.

Sigma has the experience, knowledge and tools to create text, speech and image synthetic data.

A Few Examples of Synthetic Data: Face Images

A Few Examples of Synthetic Data: Landscapes