When you succeed, we succeed

We build partnerships with purpose. Together with our partners, we better enable customers and support the communities we’re part of. Trust is crucial to grow and succeed together over the long-term — this is why we seek out partners that align with our core values.

How we partner

Translation, transcription and annotation partners

Our translation and annotation partners across the globe are crucial to delivering scalable, highest-quality annotation to our clients. We carefully vet all annotation partners and ask them to uphold the high standards of integrity, quality and values that we at Sigma believe in.

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Business solution providers and systems integrators

Sigma provides data annotation for AI product development and as part of end-to-end solutions in cooperation with systems integrators, solution providers and global consultancies. We’ve worked side by side with top consultancies such as Cap Gemini, Technalia, Zabla Innovation and EY.

Technology and innovation partnerships

We work with leading global technology companies to provide our customers with services powered by the best tools for the task at hand. Our data scientists and engineers use industry-leading technologies such as:

Research and development

We’re excited to be a part of furthering research in new AI domains. Numerous international R&D projects and global consortiums have invited us to contribute our annotation experience to help develop exciting new applications of AI.

Recent R&D projects

AI for mining optimization

Digiecoquarry is a multidisciplinary consortium of 25 companies working in 8 EU countries that aims to design, develop and validate an Innovative Quarrying System (IQS). The goal of the project is to digitize aggregate quarries and make use of data generated to optimize processes — resulting in an integrated, automated system that supports more efficient operations, better decisions and more sustainable resource extraction. Developing the system involves implementing sensors, as well as tools and methods for data capture, processing and sharing.

Sigma’s focus in this initiative was the development of AI algorithms that monitor quarry processes and help in decision-making and process improvement. This project highlights how Sigma.AI and our sister company Sigma Cognition are able to support the strategy and end-to-end development of AI solutions. Sigma.AI contributed the strategic approach, model development, data pro-processing labeling and annotation expertise. Sigma Cognition contributed to the project by developing computer vision applications and providing a data warehouse to store, process and analyze data generated by the quarry digitization processes.

AI for autonomous driving

Sigma is part of the Spanish research project R3CAV — Robust, Reliable and Resilient Connected and Automated Vehicle for the transport of persons. The goal of the project is to develop adaptable hardware and software architecture for autonomous vehicles. Work includes using sensors and AI to aid driving decisions, and developing infrastructure and communications for connected autonomous vehicles in real environments. The project is funded by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology, supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the European Union’s Next Generation EU program.

Partner with Sigma.AI

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