Sigma’s Data Collection Platform

Sigma’s Data Collection Platform is composed of a set of specialized and tested software modules that can be combined to quickly build from simple to extremely complex data collection tools.

Audio Collection

Sigma collects monologues and dialogues with any wideband (44.1KHz, 16KHz, 8KHz), quality (studio, home/office, noisy), codification and format.

Whether monologues or dialogues are scripted, domain specific or spontaneous, Sigma has the experience and resources to design and/or collect the voice dataset.

Image/Video Collection

Sigma collects images and videos in any format and domain. This includes from images and videos with regular cameras to images and videos with thermal cameras and drones.

Text Collection

Whether it is general, domain specific or conversational text data, Sigma has a large experience in designing and creating text datasets for a large variety of use cases, including handwriting text data collection.