Why Sigma: Our Mission is Solving Your Pain Points

Our clients and their individual needs are at the center of our daily business at Sigma. Where other annotation companies rely on predefined tools and methodologies, we tailor every aspect of the annotation process to what will deliver a client the best possible results, according to their requirements. This spans from creating annotation teams purpose-fit to project requirements, to adapting processes and technology to create more efficiency while improving annotation quality.

We’re at our best when we tackle tough challenges that our clients bring to us. No matter how complex the problem, our entire team is dedicated to finding a solution that solves the client’s pain point. Our founding team’s 30+ years experience working in the data annotation space as well as in research and development guides our team culture with academic curiosity and rigor in tackling challenging questions, as well as the practical experience to solve them.

Thanks to our clients, we’re able to continue our mission of solving complex challenges in the data annotation space and delivering highest quality training data for new and interesting applications. Read on to find out how working with Sigma is different, and why we could be the right choice for your unique project.

Seven Reasons to Choose Sigma


IA y aprendizaje automático

Los desafíos y oportunidades de la IA generativa

Una entrevista con el Dr. Jean-Claude Junqua Parece que casi a diario aparecen artículos sobre Chat GPT, Bard y Generative AI (Gen AI). Nos pusimos al día

Nubes de tormenta
Datos de entrenamiento

Establecimiento de datos reales sobre el terreno

Los datos reales son datos objetivos y demostrables que se utilizan para entrenar, validar y probar modelos. Está directamente relacionado con la tarea que se debe realizar. La IA no puede fijar los objetivos. Es el trabajo de los humanos.

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