Why Sigma: Service and Experience

Customer Needs Come First

Each client is unique and has its own working style, needs, and goals, and our top priority is to serve our clients’ needs in every way we can. From assigning dedicated project managers to your project to working with you to define annotation guidelines to customizing team, tech, and processes to fit your requirements, the Sigma team goes to the ends of the earth to ensure that our clients have an outstanding experience.

Customizing Teams, Processes, and Tooling

Just like clients themselves, each annotation project is unique and comes with its own set of individual requirements. Starting with a thorough project analysis, we advise our clients on how teams, tools and processes impact the training data output and quality and offer strategic recommendations on the ideal combination of these to meet their goals.

Sigma’s approach is extremely flexible. We select, vet, and train teams for each specific project, pulling from our existing pool of 25,000+ annotators, linguists, and subject matter experts, and extending that pool were needed by tapping into our network of providers. We can work with the client’s collection and annotation tools, open-source options, or our own, even customizing them to increase efficiencies in the annotation workflow. Adaptations in the process are part of the way we work, whether we’re adopting specific client procedures or iterating on our own processes to further improve quality.

For projects that require special attention to seguridad y privacidad we offer strategic consulting and implementation of security procedures of various levels, up to and including designing, implementing and operating secure annotation facilities.

Decades of Experience in Data Annotation

Our senior team has over 30 years of experience in training data annotation, in research and development as well as practical application. Starting in the early 90’s, they developed the first specific user-friendly tools for massive and collaborative data annotation in the world. This reduced annotation time by 85% while maintaining accuracies of over 98%.

Since the creation of Sigma in 2008, the team has continued to work in improving data annotation processes and tools to achieve even higher efficiency, data quality and security, thanks to the exciting challenges our clients trust us with. In particular, the development of Machine Learning (ML) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) assisted annotation tools, together with our unique, customized approach to tools development, has helped significantly improve all key performance indicators for quality, security and efficiency.


IA y aprendizaje automático

Los desafíos y oportunidades de la IA generativa

Una entrevista con el Dr. Jean-Claude Junqua Parece que casi a diario aparecen artículos sobre Chat GPT, Bard y Generative AI (Gen AI). Nos pusimos al día

Nubes de tormenta
Datos de entrenamiento

Establecimiento de datos reales sobre el terreno

Los datos reales son datos objetivos y demostrables que se utilizan para entrenar, validar y probar modelos. Está directamente relacionado con la tarea que se debe realizar. La IA no puede fijar los objetivos. Es el trabajo de los humanos.

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