Why Sigma: Our Values

Putting Humans at the Heart of Our Practices

At Sigma, we believe that good AI is AI that’s built for a positive purpose. We put humans at the heart of AI through our human-in-the-loop data collection and annotation services, and humans are also at the heart of our daily business. We appreciate that our work with clients enables us to create an environment that supports employee well-being, and allows us to help build AI that will positively impact the world around us. Below you’ll find the principles that guide our culture at Sigma, from team culture to interactions with clients to management decisions.


We make all decisions in a balanced way, seeking the common good, but as much as possible without neglecting the individual well-being of each and every one of the people who are part of our common project. Everyone has the right to fair treatment and equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, religion, race, or sexual orientation. Similarly, all people have obligations and responsibilities, including respect for others, compliance with our code of ethics, and other company regulations. Justice implies not being indifferent to cases of injustice and alerting those responsible to situations that may be unjust. Justice also implies requesting help in making decisions where you don’t have the necessary training or experience or making decisions that may cause injustice or be interpreted as unjust. 

Empathy and Freedom of Expression

The ability to understand and put yourself in someone else’s place is fundamental to helping people professionally develop, to help those in need and to be able to provide quality services to clients. Empathy creates closer bonds, contributing to excellent, long-term relationships with team members, customers and suppliers. Empathy also means promoting freedom of expression based on mutual respect. We protect and support our employees’ ability to express their identities at work, whether age, religion, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, race, family status, race, nationality, and any other charateristics that are protected by local laws. We also support the free expression of opinions and ideas, so long as they are respectful, constructive and well-founded.

Pursuit of Excellence

All Sigma team members participate and are a fundamental part of the continuous improvement process. The spirit of self-improvement, constructive criticism, initiative, and quality in all tasks are the principles that make the continuous search for perfection possible in all the topics in which we work. When striving to achieve our objectives, we persevere, without being discouraged by adversity or difficulty in the different challenges we face. At the same time, we’re responsible, realistic and prudent in planning and setting these objectives.


We live in a world that’s in a continuous process of change — and where changes happen more and more quickly. Adaptability is necessary to thrive in this environment, so it’s essential to be willing to learn continuously and stay up to date with changes, seeking opportunities and taking advantage of the positive aspects of change. 

Consistency and Diligence

We hold high respect for all commitments, both internal and external, especially for punctuality in deliveries to internal and external customers — while respecting agreed-on quality and requirements. We perform tasks promptly and with great care, without letting undue time pass. Punctuality in attending meetings, in meeting deadlines, and where appropriate, notifying others of possible delays in advance, is an essential part of this value — for all Sigma team members, regardless of their position. Acting according to this value also means avoiding complacency in the face of non-compliance with any of Sigma’s values, and being an example to others and supporting them in adhering to commitments by educating them in a respectful way. 

Transparency in Communication

Within the bounds of non-disclosure agreements, we share all information that’s relevant to the recipient of a message, regardless of whether the person works in the company, at the client or with a supplier. Transparency is the basis for working together effectively and making good decisions, ensuring all parties involved have access to the same information.  An open exchange of ideas and opinions opens doors to thinking differently about challenges and finding new solutions and improvements — when it’s grounded in mutual respect and empathy. 

Passion and Teamwork With Balance

We love the work that we do and are excited to contribute to improving society through our work — in collaboration with our team, the rest of the company, our customers and suppliers. As much as possible, we facilitate the balance between professional and personal life through measures like flexible schedules or remote work. We understand that people go through different stages in life that can have different levels of commitment and dedication to work, for example due to family circumstances or studies. We’re proud and fortunate to be able to contribute to a motivating work environment that fosters professional development in an environment of tolerance, respect, admiration and consideration.

Let’s build better AI together

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