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Welcome to Sigma.AI’s inaugural blog post! We have recently undergone many changes here at Sigma in order to provide an even more personalized and better service, emphasize our industry leading results, and highlight our extensive capabilities and experience in data creation, cleansing, labeling, and annotation.

Sigma AI is dedicated to getting you the highest quality, most accurate training data, the way you want it, when you need it, at the right cost. 

We feel we are unique in the data annotation space due to the considerable experience of our senior team in artificial intelligence. In the early 90’s, Sigma’s executive team designed and developed the first of its kind, user-friendly tools for massive and collaborative data annotation, reducing the annotation time by 85% while keeping accuracies over 98%. Since then, the Sigma team has continued to improve the tools and methodologies and have worked in successfully automating certain parts of the annotation process. 

This extensive experience allows us to have the AI knowledge and expertise necessary to understand all the data project nuances and to make communication with our client’s Data Operation Managers, Engineers, Data Scientists and Linguists smooth and productive.

Also, Sigma works with 250+ languages and complies with the highest privacy and security standards (100% GDPR and CCPA compliant. ISO27001 certified). 

With the inauguration of our blog, we start a new phase in which we will share the lessons learned in over 30 years working on data collection and annotation. We will share information about important topics such as security and privacy, data quality, the use of Machine Learning in data annotation, examples for audio, text, images and video annotation, free training data, annotation tools, statistics from real use cases, and reports and analysis about training data and AI.

There is a great professional and motivated team behind this initiative. I really hope that all our blog articles are of help and welcome your feedback and preferences.

It is also my hope that you enjoy the content we have to share over the coming months. And that you think of us when you are at a stage of technology or product development when the  sheer amounts of training data you need require to scale fast while keeping a high quality, or when you need help to broach a challenging data project. We guarantee we will outperform your current solution.


IA y aprendizaje automático

Los desafíos y oportunidades de la IA generativa

Una entrevista con el Dr. Jean-Claude Junqua Parece que casi a diario aparecen artículos sobre Chat GPT, Bard y Generative AI (Gen AI). Nos pusimos al día

Nubes de tormenta
Datos de entrenamiento

Establecimiento de datos reales sobre el terreno

Los datos reales son datos objetivos y demostrables que se utilizan para entrenar, validar y probar modelos. Está directamente relacionado con la tarea que se debe realizar. La IA no puede fijar los objetivos. Es el trabajo de los humanos.

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Los desafíos y oportunidades de la IA generativa

Los desafíos y oportunidades de la IA generativa

An interview with Dr. Jean-Claude JunquaIt seems like articles about Chat GPT, Bard, and Generative AI (Gen AI) appear almost…
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¿Qué es el procesamiento del lenguaje natural?

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Establecimiento de datos reales sobre el terreno

Establecimiento de datos reales sobre el terreno

Ground truth data is the objective, provable data used to train, validate and test models. It is directly related to…